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Mandi Voters: We Vote For Kangana Only For Modi

Mandi Voters: We Vote For Kangana Only For Modi

Actor turned politician Kangana Ranaut is competing against Congress minister Vikramaditya Singh for the Mandi Lok Sabha seat in Himachal Pradesh with elections on June 1.

Dubbed a clash between 'queen' and 'king' this contest highlights Ranaut's Bollywood fame and Singh’s royal heritage.

Local sentiments in Mandi reveal strong support for Ranaut, primarily due to the influence of Prime Minister Modi. Shopkeeper GS Rawat and others emphasize their preference for Modi over Ranaut’s personal appeal, despite her celebrity status. 

Many voters in Mandi are loyal to the BJP, supporting Ranaut more for her party affiliation than her individual merits.

In Ranaut's hometown Bhambla, residents see her as a local 'daughter' and take pride in her success. Bhambri Devi recalls Ranaut’s childhood expressing affection and local pride. 

Vegetable vendor Chunni Lal and other villagers assert that their support lies with the BJP and any BJP candidate would win highlighting the party's strong influence.

Ranaut’s speeches sometimes stir controversy such as her claims about global leaders seeking Modi's guidance. Locals like Devi and her husband while staunch BJP supporters feel embarrassed by some of her exaggerated remarks but dismiss them as youthful errors.