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Kejriwal In Full Swing After Release

Kejriwal In Full Swing After Release

After his release from jail Arvind Kejriwal is back in action not holding back on targeting PM Modi. He spoke at the Aam Aadmi Party's office in Delhi accompanied by Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann and other AAP leaders. 

Kejriwal criticized Modi for allegedly trying to crush AAP and claimed BJP is losing ground across several states.

He accused the BJP of harassing AAP and claimed that despite Modi's claims of fighting corruption his party shelters corrupt individuals. 

Kejriwal challenged Modi to learn anti corruption tactics from him by citing instances of ministers being dismissed and jailed under his watch.

Kejriwal accused the BJP of arresting him to send a message of fear and authoritarianism dubbing it 'One Nation One Leader'. 

He visited a temple with his wife and Mann before announcing plans for a roadshow in Delhi.

While granted bail until June 1 by the Supreme Court, Kejriwal must refrain from official duties commenting on his case or visiting government offices.