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Actress' Marriage Event With Mutual Fund

Actress' Marriage Event With Mutual Fund

Richa Chadha recently shared how investing in a mutual fund helped cover part of her wedding expenses when she faced a cash flow issue. 

She and actor Ali Fazal tied the knot in 2022 although their wedding was planned for 2020.

Speaking on the podcast UnStreeOType with Yuvaa, Chadha encouraged women to start investing to fund various expenses including weddings, instead of relying solely on their parents. 

She emphasized the importance of understanding mutual funds, demat accounts and trading.

Chadha recounted using her mutual fund investment made during the production of the web series Inside Edge in 2017 to cover wedding costs. 

She began investing around 2015-16 after the success of her film Masaan but remained active for only two years.

She also advised women to have their own bank accounts alongside joint ones to ensure financial independence.

Currently Chadha and Fazal are expecting their first child in July as announced in February. 

Additionally Chadha is preparing for the release of two upcoming projects, Mirzapur 3 and Metro In Dino scheduled for release between June and September.