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A Hollywood legend passes away

A Hollywood legend passes away

Roger Corman, a Hollywood independent cinema producer and king of B movies passed away at 98 on May 9, this month.

In an incredible career, Corman was widely known for his low-budget films that catered to films of all genre. 

Well into his nineties, Corman was producing movies for 5 million dollars or less and releasing them on video rentals and television.

Corman helped create hundreds of B movies as a producer and director and the incredible thing is that he rarely lost money while pursuing his passion for cinema.

The cinema industry anywhere in the world is extremely difficult to break into and lots of talented newcomers find the budgets associated with filmmaking, highly inhibiting. 

Very few manage to crack the code. Against this backdrop, aspiring filmmakers would find a wealth of information in Roger Corman’s memoirs titled “Maverick: How I Made 200 Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime,” published in 1990, indispensable.

To be able to make small-budgeted films and still remain profitable for the better part of five decades is not a joke. In that sense, he is truly an icon!