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Financial Issues For Kanguva And Thangalaan?

Financial Issues For Kanguva And Thangalaan?

As per the news from down South, a pause button has been pressed on the production of the big budget pan-India films Kanguva and Thangalaan, starring Suriya and Vikram respectively. 

Thangalaan was initially set to release in June 2024, but pending work makes this timeframe almost impossible to meet as per sources. Similarly, a large portion of work remains pending for Kanguva’s release.

The delays are reportedly due to financial issues arising from the merger of Jio with Disney.

Sources indicate that Jio has been funding producer Gyanvel Raja to carry on these mega projects, along with a few other mid range films. 

However, due to the merger issues, the necessary funds have yet to be released, causing the pause in production.

Actors and directors involved in the projects are reportedly worried about the delays, which they feel, could further complicate the situation. 

There have been films that were shelved due to prolonged pauses, and so the directors are hoping for a swift resolution.