Seperate Queues For UAE Golden Visa Travelers?

Seperate Queues For UAE Golden Visa Travelers?

The UAE Golden Visa is highly coveted by affluent individuals worldwide, as it requires a substantial investment in the UAE's real estate market or in projects suggested by the UAE government. 

This visa offers a 10-year validity, unlike the regular Resident Visa, which is valid for only 2 years, requiring expats to renew it every two years.

Moreover, the regular Residence Visa becomes invalid if the person fails to stay in the country continuously for six months.

However, the Golden Visa is akin to a passport, valid for 10 years with no conditions regarding the duration of stay to maintain its validity.

Travelers arriving in the UAE with this privileged card may encounter a separate queue line in Dubai or Abu Dhabi down the line, according to sources in the UAE. 

The number of golden visa holders is relatively low compared to holders of other visas, so a separate queue line for them would enhance the sense of privilege for Golden Card holders.