IT Business In USA Cannot Survive Without Indians?

IT Business In USA Cannot Survive Without Indians?

Indians are omnipresent and their impact on IT industry around the world, and especially in the USA is phenomenal. 

The CEO of the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce, Harbir K Bhatia, highlighted the significant role of Indians in driving innovation in Silicon Valley and America's IT industry. 

Bhatia also stressed that Indians contribute substantially to Silicon Valley's success with around 40% of CEOs or founders in the region being of Indian origin. 

She noted that Indians hold prominent positions in major corporations like Google, YouTube and Microsoft attributing their success to values like hard work and productivity ingrained in Indian culture.

Bhatia praised the Indian approach to problem solving known as 'jugaad' and  affirmed the crucial role of India in outsourcing for the IT industry. 

She pointed out that many IT operations depend on Indian talent highlighting the necessity of Indian professionals for the industry's functioning in the USA. 

Bhatia also discussed the challenges faced by Indians in obtaining work visas in the US indicating their high demand and valuable contributions across various professions beyond just technology.

"It is indeed challenging for USA to discard Indian exodus to its nation which would impact its IT sector badly. It is known that Indians work more for lesser payments when compared to the western nationals. What I understood from my Indian colleagues is that the approach in problem solving with high effectiveness and accuracy, though not been taught much in their schools, it has been in the DNA of Indians",  said John Patrick, an MD in an IT company.