Is Modi bigger than the RSS?

Is Modi bigger than the RSS?

The 2024 Lok Sabha elections in India are entirely being contested by the BJP on the personality of Narendra Modi.

Whatever the Opposition is throwing at the BJP, it eventually boils down to Modi vs the INDIA alliance. Against this backdrop, the national BJP President JP Nadda made an interesting statement.

In an interview given to a leading English daily, Nadda said that the BJP needed the RSS initially but now the BJP was in a position to win the election on the strength of its own karyakartas. He said the RSS would continue with its ideological work and the BJP would look after itself.

Since JP Nadda himself is from the Sangh Parivar and a former RSS man, his statement carries tremendous import. Is the BJP and by association, Narendra Modi so big today that they can really win elections without support from the RSS or is JP Nadda, heady, because of the Narendra Modi factor?

The BJP owes everything to the RSS which since independence has been working tirelessly and selflessly for the cause of Sanatan Dharma.

RSS leaders and workers even sacrificed their lives for their beliefs despite being persecuted relentlessly by the Congress. Whatever the BJP is today is entirely because of the efforts of the RSS cadre at the grassroots level.

If the BJP is able to form the government in North-East States like Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Sikkim, it is entirely due to the decades of hard work put in by the RSS workers at the ground level. Yet, their efforts are never documented.

Is the BJP successful in the North-East today because of Modi or the RSS?

Tomorrow, if Mohan Bhagwat were to give a call to his cadre to ‘not vote’ for Modi, not a single one of them will disobey his instruction, such is the training and discipline of the RSS.

The BJP’s sole purpose is to form the governments so as to fulfil the ideology of the RSS. For this purpose, they are even willing to admit defectors and persons of questionable reputations as long as the overall purpose is served.

Therefore, JP Nadda should desist from making statements that might disturb this balance between the RSS and BJP. So, is Modi bigger than the RSS? By now, you should be knowing the answer.

Written By A Sridhar