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Uddhav's AI Joke On Narendra Modi

Uddhav's AI Joke On Narendra Modi

Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi by stating that he won't continue as PM after June 4. 

Thackeray mocked Modi's recent statements against Adani and Ambani by questioning if he's truly against them.

It is known that Modi recently accused Congress stating that it sealed a deal with Ambani and Adani. 

To this, Uddhav Thackeray expressed his doubt by cracking a joke that he initially thought the video was AI-generated. 

The close relation of Modi with Adanis and Ambanis is so well established in the entire nation that Uddhav's joke was received unanimously.

“Today, I saw a video. I thought it was made using AI. No, it was Prime Minister Modi who was speaking. He has started speaking on Adani and Ambani. This is a miracle. If Modi is angry with Adani and Ambani, then will he take back the airport given to them?”, Uddhav said. 

Speaking at a rally in Sangvi for party candidate Sanjog Waghere, Thackeray accused Modi of favoring Adani and Ambani, citing concerns over projects like the Dharavi redevelopment.

Thackeray claimed Modi's term was ending and accused him of lacking new issues for the elections.