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Owaisi’s serious charge against Madhavi Latha

Owaisi’s serious charge against Madhavi Latha

One electoral battle that has attracted the attention of the nation is the tussle for the Lok Sabha constituency between Asaduddin Owaisi of the AIMIM and Madhavi Latha of the BJP.

While Madhavi Latha has been going all out in her criticism of Asaduddin, the latter has been comparatively restrained.

Therefore, it was all the more interesting to see Asaduddin make some serious charges against Madhavi Latha in an interview given to a prominent news channel.

Referring to Madhavi Latha, Asaduddin said the BJP had fielded a candidate who had fleeced the poor people and public during Covid.

For the record, Madhavi Latha is the Chairperson of the Virinchi Group of Hospitals, headquartered in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

It is a fact that in August, 2020, the then Telangana Health Minister Eatala Rajender had withdrawn permission to Virinchi Hospitals to treat Covid patients following several complaints that the hospital was “charging exorbitant rates,” indulging in “improper and surplus billing and not adhering to the ceiling guidelines.

For someone aspiring to serve the poor people using politics as a medium, this is a really damaging statement from Owaisi and Madhavi Latha’s reaction remains to be seen.