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BJP Leaders Arrested In Sexual Harassment?

BJP Leaders Arrested In Sexual Harassment?

Karnataka politics seems to be glued with molestations and sexual harassments. 

While Revanna's case is going on, now the prominent BJP leader and lawyer G Devaraje Gowda was arrested by Hiriyur Police on charges of molestation and harassment causing shock in the political world. 

The allegations came from a brave victim who accused Gowda and his associates of harassment and threats. Legal action was swift with Gowda facing multiple charges under the law.

Despite denying the accusations Gowda faces a legal battle. The incident happened on February 4 in the victim's home in Holenarasipura town as per victim. 

Gowda's involvement in another scandal involving Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna added complexity.

The investigation by the Special Investigation Team intensified shedding light on the seriousness of the charges. 

Meanwhile, it is known that Prajwal Revanna also facing political challenges seeks re election amidst controversy.

As legal proceedings unfold Gowda's future is uncertain with his once respected career tainted by scandal. 

The truth remains unclear amidst the allegations and denials by leaving a mark on Karnataka's political history.