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Attack On Kangana vs Khalistan Movement

Attack On Kangana vs Khalistan Movement

Kangana Ranaut getting slapped by a CISF jawan at Chandigarh Airport is a serious concern that highlights the boiling point of the Khalistan movement. 

How can a CISF jawan, whose last name happens to be 'Kaur,' engage in such a violent act boldly?

Looking at the recent results of the general elections, two candidates won with thumping majorities from their respective constituencies as MPs. 

One is Amritpal Singh, a popular name in the Khalistan movement, and the other is Sarabjit Singh Khalsa, the son of Indira Gandhi's assassin Beant Singh. He was formerly with the pro-Khalistan party Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar).

Amritpal Singh won from the Khadoor Sahib constituency with a thumping majority of 1.97 lakh votes, while Sarabjit Singh Khalsa won from Faridkot with about 70,000 votes. Both candidates are independents.

This speaks about the mood of the Sikh community in Punjab, who gave a clear mandate to these two candidates. 

The reflection of this victory should also be connected to the attack on Kangana by a Sikh community woman who said she slapped her for talking about Sikh women in an insulting manner some time back.

The new government at the center should take measures to address the concerns of the Sikh community, understand their feelings and maintain peace, thereby avoiding any potential conflicts in the future.