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Andhra Elections Amidst Violence And Bombs

Andhra Elections Amidst Violence And Bombs

In Andhra Pradesh, the general elections are concluded for the total 175 Assembly and 25 Lok Sabha seats today, but the process has been troubled by violence, attacks, bomb blasts and kidnappings.

Chief Electoral Officer Mukesh Kumar Meena announced that three TDP polling agents, reportedly kidnapped in Chittoor district, have been found and brought to safety.

The TDP agents were taken from Bokaramanda village in Sadum mandal, under the Punganuru Assembly constituency, allegedly by YSRCP leaders.

The district election officials and police responded promptly, rescuing the agents from Pileru and enabling them to resume their duties. Investigations are underway to identify the kidnappers.

Violence erupted in other areas too, with clashes between TDP and YSRCP workers reported in Chejarla Mandal, Nellore, Palnadu, and Macherla where country bombs were also blasted as a feud between two parties. 

In Tenali, a scuffle occurred between a voter and YSRCP MLA Annabathina Shiva Kumar when the voter questioned the MLA for jumping the queue.

The MLA slapped the voter, who retaliated, leading to further altercations.

In Krishnapuram, Chittoor district, a YSRCP agent named Suresh was attacked with a knife.

He is receiving treatment in a government hospital, while the attackers have been arrested and charged with attempted murder by election officials.

After a long time, Andhra Pradesh has seen violence of this degree on the poll day.