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Why Alia Bhatt Is In Blockout List 2024

Why Alia Bhatt Is In Blockout List 2024

Blockout List is something that is known for the users of TikTok. As it is banned in India, there is no much awareness of what is happening with regard to Blockout. Here is the story: 

Alia Bhatt gained global attention for her stunning appearances at events like Met Gala 2024 but faced criticism for her silence on the Israel-Gaza conflict. 

She was listed in the Blockout 2024 list along with other celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Taylor Swift for the same reason. 

Alia's recent appearances at the Met Gala and Gucci Cruise Show attracted judgement on her  silence regarding the conflict.

For those who are not aware, the Blockout List  has emerged on social media TikTok, to call out celebrities who haven't condemned Israel's attacks on Gaza. 

It's a form of digital protest where people purposefully block these celebrities to pressure them into demanding for a ceasefire. 

Some international celebrities like Mark Ruffalo and Billie Eilish have actively spoken out against the war and are praised for their stance.

As our Indian actresses Alia and Priyanka didnt voice out on this, they were kept in Blockout. 

We need to see if they speak on the topic or just ignore considering it wouldnt effect them much.