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What’s your take? Dialogue or visual?

What’s your take? Dialogue or visual?

There’s no secret formula for making a successful film. All good films probably have a balance regarding the various aspects of cinema. 

And yet, there are filmmakers with a definite opinion on how they would expect at least their creations to be like.

The director of the super hit films Dune and Dune 2, Denis Villeneuve recently expressed his opinion on the importance of dialogue over visual. 

Speaking to a popular Hollywood magazine, Villeneuve said, “Frankly, I hate dialogue,” the filmmaker told the publication. “Dialogue is for theatre and television. I don’t remember movies because of a good line, I remember movies because of a strong image. I’m not interested in dialogue at all. Pure image and sound, that is the power of cinema, but it is something not obvious when you watch movies today. Movies have been corrupted by television because television had that golden age and studio executives thought cinema should emulate its success.”

He further added, “In a perfect world, I’d make a compelling movie that doesn’t feel like an experiment but does not have a single word in it either,” he continued. “People would leave the cinema and say, ‘Wait, there was no dialogue?’ But they won’t feel the lack.”