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Bobby Copied Rekha And Rekha Copied Whom?

Bobby Copied Rekha And Rekha Copied Whom?

Bobby Deol grabbed everyone's attention with his role in the movie Animal. He dances while holding a glass on his head to a song called Jamal Kudu. People loved it and started copying his cool dance move.

Now an old video of Rekha dancing from the movie Biwi Ho To Aisi in 1988 resurfaced. She was also dancing with a glass on her head to the same song!

This showed that Rekha did this dance first 32 years ago, proving she's the original dancer of this move.

Fans started calling Rekha the original dancer of the move. They praised both Rekha and Bobby for their awesome dancing skills.

Bobby talked about how he came up with the dance move. He said the choreographer asked him to do something unique, so he remembered a fun thing from his childhood in Punjab. 

People there used to balance glasses on their heads when they were drunk. He thought of that and did it in the movie.

So, Bobby's dance added a modern twist to a move that Rekha did a long time ago.

But a netizen from South wrote, "Rekha did that act in 1988. But one year prior to that a Telugu film has come in K Vishwanath's direction titled "Shruthilayalu" in which child actor Shanmukh Srinivas performed a classical dance, not with liquor glass but with liquor bottle on his head. So K Vishwanath is the original creator and Shanmukh Srinivas is the original actor but not Rekha".

Well, we need to see if anybody did this before 1987 to know the oroginal creator of this act on Indian screen.