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Actress Supports Zeenat's Live-In Advice

Actress Supports Zeenat's Live-In Advice

Recently when Zeenat Aman endorsed live-in relationships before marriages, the industry colleagues have criticized, including celebs like Mumtaz and Mukesh Khanna. 

But former actress Somy Ali has backed Zeenat, saying it can reduce divorce rates. She has now shared how she knows Zeenat for years and praised her intellect. 

Somy stressed that live-in arrangements allow setting boundaries and understanding each other better, which can prevent divorces. She pointed out the rise in divorce rates and the need to adapt to modern times. 

Somy believes Zeenat's advice is valuable, especially in societies like India and Pakistan, where arranged marriages sometimes lead to divorce due to lack of compatibility. 

She thinks trying a live in can help couples assess compatibility before marriage thus reducing divorce rates.