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LK Advani's Health: Discharged From Hosipital

LK Advani's Health: Discharged From Hosipital

Veteran BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani at 96 was discharged from Apollo Hospital on Thursday. He had been admitted on Wednesday evening under Dr. Vinit Suri's observation following his discharge from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences after a night long stay. 

Advani's condition remained stable during his time at Apollo Hospital. His daughter Pratibha Advani accompanied him during his hospital visit. 

Last week Advani was admitted to AIIMS in Delhi for treatment in the urology department and was discharged on the afternoon of June 27. 

The recent hospital visits follow his initial discharge from AIIMS indicating ongoing health monitoring. Despite his advanced age Advani's condition has been reported as stable ensuring he remains under careful medical supervision. 

The BJP leader's recent hospitalizations highlight the importance of vigilant health care for senior political figures.