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'Law of Karma' Behind Slap to Kangana Ranaut?

'Law of Karma' Behind Slap to Kangana Ranaut?

A CISF jawan slapping Kangana Ranaut at the Chandigarh Airport is an incident that shook the entire media. 

Kangana might have expected this kind of treatment from someone after winning as an MP from the Mandi constituency. 

Her happiness in celebrating the success was marred by the slapping incident to some extent.

However, a section of social media is describing this incident as the 'law of karma.' They say there is no gravity in the act of Kangana, as described by the CISF jawan, the reason for her slap. 

Social media groups are pointing out that once she defended Will Smith's slap to Chris Rock at an award ceremony.

At that time, she said that anyone who insults a woman deserves this. She posted, "If some idiot used my mom or sister’s illness to make a bunch of fools laugh, I would slap him like @willsmith did."

So, nature delivered the slap for the same reason through a CISF jawan, who claimed that Kangana insulted Sikh women protesting in support of farmers, among whom the jawan's mother was also present.