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Dig Vijay Singh: "Is Modi Above Law"?

Dig Vijay Singh:

Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for releasing photos of himself meditating inside the Vivekananda Memorial where photography is prohibited.

Singh questioned whether Modi is above the law and requested a response from the Prime Minister's Office.

Responding to an X user Kapil who highlighted that photography inside the meditation hall is illegal, Singh thanked him for pointing it out and reiterated his demand for the PMO's response. 

The X user had noted that photography inside the memorial is strictly forbidden and punishable by law suggesting that Modi's actions were inappropriate.

PM Modi arrived in Kanniyakumari of Tamil Nadu on Thursday for a 45 hour meditation at the Vivekananda Rock Memorial which concluded on Saturday evening. 

Before meditating Modi prayed at the Bhagavathy Amman Temple after finishing his election campaign.

Kanniyakumari is significant as the southernmost tip of India where the eastern and western coastlines meet along with the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.

Modi often undertakes spiritual journeys after election campaigns, having visited Kedarnath in 2019 and Shivaji's Pratapgarh in 2014.