Is Sam Pitroda Bribed To Defame Congress?

Is Sam Pitroda Bribed To Defame Congress?

Sam Pitroda, a member of the Congress party, has been making statements that bring embarrassment to the party.

His controversial remarks are seized upon by the NDA alliance, consistently putting Congress in a defensive position.

A recent controversy erupted when Pitroda made a racially insensitive statement, likening East Indians to Chinese, South Indians to Africans, and West Indians to Arabs.

This has sparked widespread condemnation, fostering animosity towards Congress and its principles among many Indians.

Amidst this, some online commentators speculate that Pitroda's statements are not spontaneous but are orchestrated to undermine Congress.

They suggest that he might be receiving financial backing from some groups to make statements detrimental to the party's image. Such conspiracy theories often surface during election seasons.

In light of these developments, there is growing suspicion that Pitroda's controversial remarks may not be entirely of his own making but could be influenced by external interests aiming to tarnish Congress's reputation.