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Thangalan-Kanguva Producer's Response To Trolls

Thangalan-Kanguva Producer's Response To Trolls

Producer Dhananjeyan has defended Studio Green amid online trolling over the changing release dates of the films 'Kanguva' and 'Thangalaan'. 

Responding to critics on Twitter, Dhananjeyan emphasized the significant financial investments and careful planning involved in scheduling such high budget movies. 

He urged critics to trust the production team’s judgment and refrain from offering unsolicited advice and criticism. 

Instead he requested their support and patience until official announcements are made.

He tweeted- "I see a lot of posts & trolls regularly on the release date announcement of #Kanguva & #Thangalaan tagging me. Guys, chill. 

We understand your enthusiasm but a Producer, who invested hundreds of crores knows when to release his films, to maximise revenues & minimise the risk. 

Release date cannot be announced to please some & then suffer. It has to be based on economics and opportunity of a good date. 

So please stop advising, criticising & commenting. Do support us when we announce & until then please chill and wait for official announcement, than indulging in unnecessary trolls".

Despite this some fans particularly of actor Suriya argue that "Kanguva" should be released on Diwali to maximize its success emphasizing the importance of pleasing the audience to achieve financial goals. 

One fan commented that the big budget is intended for Suriya not just Studio Green and urged the production team to consider their input.

"Kanguva," directed by Siva and "Thangalaan," directed by Pa Ranjith and starring Vikram are both ambitious projects with substantial budgets. 

The production team is strategizing carefully to ensure the success of both films, which has led to multiple changes in their release plans.