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Manisha: Six Years Single Due To Wrong Men

Manisha: Six Years Single Due To Wrong Men

Actor Manisha Koirala celebrated for her role in Netflix’s 'Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar' portrays the toxic Malikajaan. However in reality she has endured toxic relationships herself. 

In a recent interview Manisha discussed her history of dating the "wrong men" and her tendency to overlook red flags. 

Reflecting on her past she acknowledged her pattern of attracting troubled individuals and recognized the need for personal growth. She has remained single for five to six years to focus on self improvement.

Manisha expressed her desire for a future relationship built on mutual acceptance and honesty with a partner who shares her passion and ambitions. 

She emphasized the importance of learning and supporting each other in personal growth.

The actor also mentioned her forgiving nature in past relationships stemming from her feelings of loneliness and the misconception that a partner would fill that void. 

Over time she realized the need to move past unnecessary connections and focus on genuine supportive relationships.