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Mallika's Respect To Her Guru On Social Media

Mallika's Respect To Her Guru On Social Media

The famous Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat who is known for her debut in the 2004 movie 'Murder' has shared a heartfelt moment with her mentor Mahesh Bhatt on social media.

She posted a few pictures with Mahesh Bhatt on her Instagram and expressed her gratitude towards him. 

In her caption Mallika praised Bhatt by calling him not only a mentor but also a role model whose passion, dedication and courage continue to inspire her.

The shared photos show a warm reunion between the two reflecting their mutual respect and friendship. 

Mallika's message not only shows her appreciation for Bhatt's guidance but also highlights his significant influence on her journey in the entertainment industry.

Since her debut in 'Murder', Mallika Sherawat has become well known in Bollywood for her acting skills and dance performances. 

Her success story demonstrates her talent and determination by earning her admiration from fans and the industry.

As Mallika progresses in her career, her reunion with Mahesh Bhatt reminds us of the important mentorship and support that have helped shape her path as an actress.