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Madhubala About Her Dress Changing In Public

Madhubala About Her Dress Changing In Public

Madhubala aka Madhoo who is known for her roles in "Phool Aur Kaante" and "Roja," is enjoying a renewed acting career with roles that resonate with her, including recent films "Thalaivi" and "Shaakuntalam." 

Reflecting on industry changes she recalled the difficult conditions actresses faced in the past, such as lacking basic facilities like washrooms and vanity vans while shooting in remote locations. 

She recounted shooting Tamil films in challenging conditions dealing with nature and changing costumes without privacy. 

In an interview she described it as one of the most difficult and embarrassing times especially when wearing elaborate dance costumes in extreme heat.

Madhoo also shared an experience from shooting Mani Ratnam’s 'Iruvar' where she had to nap on rocks due to the lack of proper resting facilities. 

She contrasted this with the present, where actors can now request make up vans and enjoy more privacy marking significant improvements for female actors.

Although Madhoo who is a popular 90s actress made a comeback a few years ago, she is still awaiting a major break. 

She views an actor’s life as a cycle of waiting and emphasizes the importance of staying prepared and improving her skills daily, whether on stage or not. 

Her latest film "Karmam Bhugtam" with Shreyas Talpade is currently in theaters.