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Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Scary 'AI' Experience

Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Scary 'AI' Experience

Jennifer Lopez appears as a data analyst in her new film 'Atlas' and says that she has experienced the troubling side of artificial intelligence. 

She shared that skincare ads have used manipulated images of her face without her knowledge highlighting the dark side of technology. 

At the Los Angeles premiere of 'Atlas', Lopez described seeing ads featuring her face with fake wrinkles calling it 'really scary'.

She stressed that while AI has dangerous aspects it's important to remain open to its possibilities. 

Lopez praised her Netflix movie for effectively showing both the positive and negative sides of AI.

In 'Atlas' Lopez plays Atlas Shepherd who is a talented but distrustful data analyst embarks on a mission to capture a rogue robot played by Simu Liu with whom she has a complex history. 

When the mission goes wrong she must rely on AI to save humanity's future.