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At Last Japan Stopped Using Floppy Disks

At Last Japan Stopped Using Floppy Disks

World has forgotten about floppy disks which were once the only data saving devices in 1990s. But Japan has been still using them.

Japan's government has finally phased out floppy disks in all systems marking a significant step in modernizing its bureaucracy. 

By mid June the Digital Agency had removed 1,034 regulations related to their use except one concerning vehicle recycling. 

Digital Minister Taro Kono celebrated this achievement noting the elimination of outdated technologies like fax machines. 

The Digital Agency was established during the COVID 19 pandemic in 2021 as the government struggled with paper filing and outdated tech for testing and vaccination efforts. 

Kono, a prominent figure with 2.5 million followers on X took on his current role in August 2022. 

Despite progress Japan's digitization efforts have faced challenges including a failed contact-tracing app and slow adoption of the My Number digital ID card due to data issues.