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Aishwarya Rai Lost Her Beauty For 'Plastic'?

Aishwarya Rai Lost Her Beauty For 'Plastic'?

Actress Kasthuri from down south posted a picture of Aishwarya Rai and mentioned that she lost the sheen with plastic surgery. 

Kasthuri wrote on X, "Time doesn't spare even the world's most beautiful women. AishwaryaRai  didn't need to turn the clock back. 

She would have remained beautiful. But plastic has ruined her timeless beauty"

To this even netizens are seconding her feeling and mentioning that Aishwarya did wrong in going 'plastic' way to spoil her natural grace. 

A netizen mentioned- "what happens to these heroines after a certain age? what is the need to resort to botox kind of treatments? aging with wrinkles is much much more graceful than this kind of plasticity."

Another netizen on X, replied, "True that that age looks makes women’s beauty naturally not plastic or over makeup. According to me my mom is most beautiful woman (age 66)."

On the troll side, a netizen wrote- "Oh if you hadn’t mentioned her name I thought it was Rakhi Sawant, oh boy".