That Is Modi: Elon Musk's Deal With TATA

That Is Modi: Elon Musk's Deal With TATA

India is the largest market in the world for many products. From Tesla cars to AI technologies, billionaires worldwide rely on the Indian market for sustaining their status. 

Therefore, even Elon Musk has no choice but to seek the support of the Indian market, especially since Tesla's market in its home country has become saturated. 

Musk is meeting with Modi regarding this matter, and it's reported that he pledged a $2 billion investment in a Tesla plant in India.

Moreover, Tesla has recently formed a new partnership with the Indian industry giant Tata. 

Many in business circles see this as a strategic move, possibly influenced by Modi's aim to empower Indian companies and foster the success of Tesla in India.

Tesla made a deal with Tata Electronics to get computer chips for its cars. Tata Electronics is now a trusted chip supplier for big companies worldwide.

Already there were rumors that Tesla wants to partner with Reliance Industries in India. 

They might build factories together. If this also happens then Tesla has to share the success with Ambanis and TATAs for its growth in India. 

Tesla plans to spend $2 billion in India and is looking at places like Gujarat and Maharashtra for its factories.