Big Allegation: Airtel Responds Strongly

Big Allegation: Airtel Responds Strongly

Bharti Airtel has condemned claims of a security breach amid reports of a major data leak involving its customers. 

An Airtel spokesperson told media that the allegations are a desperate attempt to tarnish the company's reputation and confirmed that a thorough investigation revealed no breach of Airtel systems.

Unverified reports had suggested that details of 375 million Airtel customers including phone numbers, emails, addresses and Aadhaar numbers were allegedly available for sale on the dark web. 

But so far no one has not been able to verify the authenticity of these data breach reports. 

Airtel's statement aims to reassure customers and stakeholders of the security of its systems dismissing the breach claims as unfounded. 

The company maintains that its security measures are robust and there is no evidence to support the alleged data leak.