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Doctors Also Partners In Crime Of Pune Accident

Doctors Also Partners In Crime Of Pune Accident

Pune Police have arrested another person related to the luxury car accident that killed two motorcycle riders in Pune. 

The suspect Atul Ghatkamble who is an employee of Sassoon Hospital is accused of tampering with the blood sample of the minor involved in the crash. 

Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar revealed that doctors at Sassoon Hospital replaced the minor's blood sample with another person's and discarded the original.

The blood sample switch was carried out by CMO Srihari Halnor, under the instruction of Ajay Tawre, HOD of the Forensic Medicine Department. 

The tampering aimed to give the minor a clean chit regarding alcohol consumption. A second secret sample matched the DNA of the minor's father exposing the manipulation.

The police are now searching for the person whose blood was used as the replacement. 

Earlier the Crime Branch arrested the minor's grandfather who faces charges under IPC sections 365 and 368 for his involvement. 

The incident occurred on May 19 when the minor crashed his Porsche into two IT professionals on a bike killing them instantly.