Viral: AI Image Of PM In Pink Hijab

Viral: AI Image Of PM In Pink Hijab

The Labour party achieved a landslide victory in the UK’s general elections, making Keir Starmer the new prime minister. 

Amid the celebrations an image of Starmer wearing a pink hijab has gone viral eliciting humorous reactions on social media. 

Users are widely sharing this image with captions like “This is the new PM of UK.”

Liz Churchill, a user on X, shared the image with the comment: “U.K.‘s new Prime Minister and WEF Member Keir Starmer. Lol.” Many others posted the image with similar captions.

An investigation by the DFRAC team revealed inconsistencies in the image, particularly with the hand of a lady shown on the left side. 

Further examination using AI image detectors like “AI or not” and “Is it AI?” confirmed that the image is AI-generated.