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Dispute Over Modi's Controversial Rs 11,000 Wealth

Dispute Over Modi's Controversial Rs 11,000 Wealth

This is about Samir Modi, the executive director of Godfrey Phillips, accused his mother Bina Modi of orchestrating an attack against him by escalating the family feud over KK Modi's Rs 11,000 crore inheritance as reported by a section of media. 

Samir lodged a complaint with Delhi Police, alleging that his mother's security personnel and certain Godfrey Phillips directors caused him "serious harm" when he attempted to attend a scheduled board meeting. Despite being injured, he attended the meeting and later sought medical help.

A spokesperson for Godfrey Phillips dismissed the allegation as 'completely false and outrageous' noting that the incident was captured on CCTV.

Samir suspects the assault was planned to prevent his participation in the meeting and compel him into selling his stake despite rejecting his mother's previous buyout offer.

The inheritance dispute involves substantial shares in Godfrey Phillips and other Modi group firms.

Samir also accused his mother of failing to distribute funds as mandated in a trust deed by his father. The legal battle is pending in the Supreme Court.