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How RSS Cut Modi And Shah To Size.?

How RSS Cut Modi And Shah To Size.?

The rise and rise of Narendra Modi ever since he became Prime Minister put the RSS in a bit of a dilemma. The RSS does not believe in individual supremacy and holds the saffron flag above all. 

Meanwhile, Modi had grown in stature to such an extent that even State elections were being fought in his name.

Besides, Amit Shah and Modi believe in the end goal of winning the election and aren’t exactly worried about the means. 

This wasn’t exactly palatable to the RSS. More than a 100 defectors from other Parties were given tickets by Amit Shah ignoring RSS suggestions in many constituencies.

Various reasons are being bandied about for the drastic reduction in performance of the BJP but the simple reason and the most significant one is that the RSS did not campaign for the BJP this time. 

In 2014 and 2019, they went door-to-door canvassing votes for the BJP but stayed away this time. This accounts for the BJP’s dismal performance in Uttar Pradesh and Bengal.

The BJP is now able to form the government but Modi-Shah are much weakened as they have to depend on their allies now, to stay in power. 

The ‘cloak of invincibility’ surrounding Modi is gone and RSS would be quite satisfied with the status quo.