KCR Gives Hint To Join NDA?

KCR Gives Hint To Join NDA?

BRS Party head KCR who lost the CM's chair in recent election in Telangana is determined to bounce back from recent setbacks.

He's vigorously campaigning against the Congress and BJP in Telangana, hinting at grander plans ahead. 

At a rally in Khammam, he suggested that if BRS candidate Nama Nageswara Rao wins, he could become a central minister in a coalition government.

KCR predicts a coalition government after the elections, dismissing the BJP's lofty claims of winning 400 seats. 

He gives a hint at playing a significant role in the next government by aligning with either the INDIA bloc or the NDA. 

As he holds criticism of both Congress and BJP he maintains neutrality without mentioning which side he would fall.

KCR aims to secure 10 to 12 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana to show his influence nationally. 

But facing challenges from the Congress in urban areas and rural territories won by them in the Assembly elections, his task is not so easy now. 

While speculation arises about BRS's potential alliances KCR remains focused on rejuvenating his party's prospects in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.