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Tamannah's Boy Friend Opens Up On Erotic Scenes

Tamannah's Boy Friend Opens Up On Erotic Scenes

Vijay Varma is more known as Tamannah's boy friend than anyone else, though he is a talented and versatile actor. 

The second season of Mirzapur ended with many unanswered questions, including the nature of Golu and Chote Tyagi's relationship, marked by an intimate scene suggesting Chote’s sexual awakening. 

Fans are curious about the future of their chemistry and whether it’s Chote or his evil twin who died.

Vijay Varma, who plays Chote, discusses the scene. He describes Chote as an innocent, romantic boy who learns about himself through Golu, who introduces him to eroticism. 

Varma emphasizes the importance of intimacy coordinators on set noting their role in creating a safe environment and comparing the preparation for intimate scenes to that for action or dance sequences. 

He explains that these scenes are carefully choreographed focusing on technical precision rather than personal feelings ensuring clear boundaries and safety for actors, what parts to touch and what not.