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Rakhi Sawant Ill: Doctors Suspect Cancer

Rakhi Sawant Ill: Doctors Suspect Cancer

Controversial actress Rakhi Sawant's recent hospitalization due to chest and stomach pain has shocked many on social media.

Her former husband Ritesh Raj Singh revealed that doctors found a tumor in her uterus during medical tests and suspecting it might be cancer. 

Rakhi was admitted to the hospital after complaining of pain and further tests are ongoing to confirm the diagnosis.

Ritesh emphasized that Rakhi's condition is serious and urged everyone to pray for her recovery.

Ritesh clarified that despite Rakhi's history of dramatic incidents this situation is genuine and not for attention. 

He shared about the seriousness of her condition by requesting people to understand the seriousness of the situation but not take it as a joke based on Rakhi's past controversial record.

Despite skepticism from some quarters Ritesh stressed the importance of genuine concern and support for Rakhi during this challenging time.