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'Pushpa Pushpa' Step Goes International

'Pushpa Pushpa' Step Goes International

Allu Arjun's upcoming movie 'Pushpa 2- The Rule' is already getting a lot of attention before it even hits the screens. Fans are loving the new dance move from the song 'Pushpa Pushpa....'. 

Recently, a fan of the actor showed his admiration by doing the same dance move at his graduation ceremony of an American University.

The video of the student doing Allu Arjun's signature shoe drop move from the song before receiving his degree has gone viral. 

In the song, Allu Arjun, dressed vibrantly as Pushpa, dances energetically to "Pushpa Pushpa," captivating everyone with his style.

When the student replicated the dance move to celebrate his graduation his friends cheered for him enthusiastically. 

The song composed by Devi Sri Prasad, has gained immense popularity thanks to Allu Arjun's unique dance style. 

Fans are imitating his shoe drop, phone and chai steps by making them all the more popular.