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Lapataa Ladies Attacks Sandeep Vanga?

Lapataa Ladies Attacks Sandeep Vanga?

Kiran Rao's latest film 'Laapataa Ladies' is gaining a lot of praise from both viewers and critics.

The movie has become popular on social media with many praising its story, direction, and the performances.

On X (previously known as Twitter), fans are sharing their reactions and a particular scene featuring veteran actress Chhaya Kadam has become viral. 

Some users think this scene is a subtle jab at director Sandeep Reddy Vanga. 

The scene shows Kadam's character discussing an abusive marriage echoing a line similar to one defended by Vanga in his film 'Kabir Singh'.

Following the release of Vanga's film 'Animal' he responded to Kiran Rao's criticism of films promoting misogyny and stalking. 

Vanga indirectly referred to Rao's comments and criticized her understanding of the difference between stalking and approaching in films.

In response Kiran clarified that she didn't mention Vanga's films specifically and commended her ex-husband Aamir Khan for apologizing for problematic content in his past films. 

She urged Vanga to address his concerns directly to Khan rather than involving her.