Why Google Fired Its Entire Python Team?

Why Google Fired Its Entire Python Team?

Google fired its entire Python team which maintains the Python programming language vital for its AI work, as per sources.

Former team members shared their experiences online mentioning their roles in Python development at Google.

Speculation surrounds Google's decision, with some suggesting it's about cutting costs. There's a belief that Google might look for cheaper labor options outside the US.

Former employees expressed disappointment citing challenges due to limited resources. Despite this they appreciated efforts by managers to balance work and personal life.

This dismissal follows earlier job cuts in Google's finance department by suggesting a broader pattern of policy changes and cost reductions.

Apart from this, Google recently fired employees in New York and California for protesting its stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Whatever be the reason posed, many are opining that it is to replace the employees with cheap labor from other countries like India.