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Who Will Buy 'Dot Com' In 'Dot Ai' Era?

Who Will Buy 'Dot Com' In 'Dot Ai' Era?

There are indeed some people who search for .com extensions of their brand names. They don't find them available or see the expensive prices and hold back. 

There are alternative extensions like .info and .net which they compromise and take. Some restrict to India and go with the .in extension. 

Now, the most happening extension is .ai. This actually belongs to the small island nation of Anguilla.

Anguilla, a small British territory in the Caribbean, is undergoing economic change due to artificial intelligence (AI). 

The island has released data that it is generating about a third of its government revenue from AI related activities mainly from its '.ai' internet domain. 

This domain similar to others like '.jp' for Japan is highly desired by tech companies. 

Since ChatGPT's launch in November 2022 the '.ai' domain registrations have soared by increasing from 1,44,000 in 2022 to 3,54,000 in 2023 generating US$32 million last year. This was over 20% of Anguilla's government revenue up from 5% in previous years. 

Traditionally dependent on tourism Anguilla is now diversifying its economy with this new revenue source. The IMF expects .ai domain revenue to stabilize at 15% of government revenue. 

Anguilla's .ai domain success is positioning it as an important player in the global AI economy supporting sustainable growth and diversification.

There are people who buy Dot Com's and maintain them for years awaiting a prospective buyer. Now that has become obsolete and doesn't make much sense. 

There are many happening extensions available taking the world forward.