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Viral Video: Couple's Intimate Act In Moving Bus

Viral Video: Couple's Intimate Act In Moving Bus

Videos go viral whenever there is something out of social norms. A viral video showing a couple engaging in intimate behavior on a moving bus has sparked anger on social media. 

Initially claimed to be from Delhi it was later suggested to be from Odisha based on a bus conductor's shirt. The video's authenticity and location remain unconfirmed. 

The video, filmed by another passenger, captures the couple in the back seat, with an elderly woman nearby. As their behavior went on more obscene the woman turns away expressing clearly uncomfortable.

Reactions on social media demanded the strict legal action citing the act as obscene and inappropriate for public spaces. 

This incident follows a similar one on the Bengaluru Metro where a couple was recorded kissing sometime ago. Authorities were urged to take action.

The Bengaluru police responded to the video requesting the person who reported it to provide contact details for further investigation.