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US Jobs Moving To Indians Living In India

US Jobs Moving To Indians Living In India

Job layoffs have become frequent especially in the tech industry due to overstaffing, outsourcing and cost-cutting. 

An India born software engineer in the US shared his experience of being laid off and replaced by another Indian.

In a viral video he introduced himself and explained that his entire team was laid off. During his exit interview he was told that his position and his team's were being moved to India for cost reasons. 

He mentioned his own Indian heritage in hopes of keeping his job even offering to relocate to India. However his employers insisted they wanted cheaper labor in India.

His video quickly gained attention online sparking mixed reactions. Some users commented that the issue was his higher salary compared to Indian workers while others noted the irony of his situation. The video received over 3 million views and 35,000 likes.

This story shows a broader trend of layoffs in various sectors. Recently Google also laid off nearly 200 employees from its core team and moved some jobs overseas as part of cost cutting efforts. 

Numerous such layoff stories have surfaced online highlighting the widespread impact on employees.