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Early Monsoon Hits Kerala In May Itself?

Early Monsoon Hits Kerala In May Itself?

The southwest monsoon usually starts in Kerala around June 1 give or take about a week. Then it moves upwards covering the whole country by around July 15. 

This year the India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicts it'll hit Kerala around May 31 with a possible error of ± 4 days. 

This onset date is super important because it shows how the monsoon will spread across India bringing relief from hot weather as it goes.

To guess this onset date IMD uses a fancy math model with six main things to look at like temperatures in Northwest India and rainfall patterns in the south before the monsoon. The IMD has been pretty accurate with its predictions, except for 2015.

But while we're waiting for the rains, there's more heat coming our way. IMD says Northwest and East India will get hit by another heatwave starting May 16. 

Places like West Rajasthan, Punjab, and parts of Madhya Pradesh will feel it most. 

Some other areas like Gujarat and Delhi will also get really hot, according to IMD's forecast. Meanwhile, places like Assam and Meghalaya will stay hot and humid for a couple of days.