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Assam's First AI Teacher Impresses Students

Assam's First AI Teacher Impresses Students

This is era of first generation AI teachers where everything is seen as a wonder. The revolution seems to emerging in brisk pace where the traditional human teachers may be replaced sooner down the line. 

Assam has welcomed its first artificial intelligence teacher named Iris at a private school in Guwahati impressing students and staff with her vast knowledge and quick responses. 

Dressed up in the traditional Assamese saree and a red bindi, Iris not only showcased India's technological advancement but also reflected Assam's cultural heritage in costume and style. 

BJP leader Pijush Hazarika on Twitter mentioned that Iris effortlessly answered students' questions earning praise from all. 

At Royal Global School the AI teacher Iris interacted with students providing prompt and comprehensive answers to their queries whether related to their syllabus or general curiosity. 

It is developed in collaboration with Makerlabs Edu tech under the Atal Tinkering Lab project by NITI Aayog, with a voice controlled assistant for swift responses.

Iris's introduction speaks about revolution in educational technology hailed for transcending conventional teaching methods. 

Previously introduced in Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala in March 2024 Iris is fluent in three languages and equipped with features to enhance learning.