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Not a crime but not proper either

Not a crime but not proper either

Assam BJP leader and MLA Mrinal Sakia found himself at the centre of a controversy after congratulating Congressman Gaurav Gogoi who won from Jorhat Parliamentary constituency.

Assam CM Himanta Biswas Sarma took serious exception to this act of Mrinal Sakia and expressed his displeasure. 

“Mrinal Saikia did not congratulate PM Narendra Modi, but a winning Congress candidate… My political reading tells me Saikia might not stay in the BJP for long… He should have first congratulated Narendra Modi, then Kamakhya Prasad Tasa, who’s an MP from his own constituency (Kaziranga). Our state president will question him on this, but I think he has made up his mind to not stay in the BJP. The way people from the Congress have come to us, a few from the BJP would also go to Congress,” said Sarma, hinting that Saikia could join the Opposition. 

In response to this, Saikia said, “I congratulated Gaurav Gogoi. Then I pointed out some reasons, which I thought played a major role in his victory. But soon, I came to know of the chief minister’s disapproval of it. Even if he chooses to speak to me, I will not deter from my stand. If necessary, I can give up my post,” he said.

“You can ask the people of Jorhat if I am right or wrong. It is not a crime to congratulate a winning candidate even if he’s from the opposite side. It is part of our manners and customs,” he added. 

It is not a crime to congratulate an opponent’s success but Saikia had also said on Twitter that Gaurav Gogoi’s win proved that “money, big publicity, overdoses of leaders, and arrogant speeches do not always help win elections”. 

This was clearly a dig at his own Party. If Sakia had any issues with his Party, he should have communicated it directly to the Chief Minister but publicly chastising his own Party is nothing but a breach of discipline.

It is not a crime to congratulate the Opposition but you  shouldn’t be washing your dirty linen in public, either. Sakia in all likelihood will pay the price.