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Ex Union Minister's Health Critical

Ex Union Minister's Health Critical

Former Railway Minister Mukul Roy remains in critical condition after undergoing brain surgery due to a fall at his Kolkata home. 

Admitted to Apollo Hospitals on July 3, Roy is currently in the Intensive Care Unit being closely monitored. 

Following a brain hemorrhage and blood clot, he had surgery on Thursday for a subdural hematoma under the supervision of SN Singh, Head of Neurosurgery at Apollo Hospitals.

Roy, taken off the ventilator and now on oxygen support, has been visited by political figures. BJP MP Soumitra Khan, who entered politics with Roy's guidance visited him and highlighted Roy's continued BJP affiliation. 

Roy, a founding member of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) joined the BJP in 2017 but returned to TMC in 2021 after winning the Krishnanagar Uttar assembly seat.

TMC leader Kunal Ghosh also visited describing the scene as heart wrenching with Roy unresponsive despite his son Subhranshu's efforts. 

Ghosh expressed sorrow over Roy's condition noting he remains out of ventilation but unresponsive in the ICU.