When RSS said, 'Go win in your name'!

When RSS said, 'Go win in your name'!

The RSS has many affiliates, and its primary goal is character-building of Indian youth and citizens imbued with the spirit of nationalism. But its main arm or its political arm is undoubtedly the BJP.

Ideally, the RSS wants all its affiliates including the BJP to build their own cadre and become self-sufficient. Yet, at the same time, the RSS does not want any of its bodies to propagate ‘personality cult’ as it believes the saffron flag deserves the ultimate allegiance.

Therefore, when JP Nadda made the statement that the BJP didn’t need the RSS anymore to win elections, it was a statement that Modi was bigger than anything and his name was enough to get a majority, in fact more than 400.

A miffed RSS stayed away from campaigning in the Hindi heartland of Uttar Pradesh. Their message to Modi was loud and clear: “Go fight the elections in your name!” The result is there for all to see.

In 2004, as well, the NDA alliance led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee was widely expected to retain power. The ‘India Shining’ campaign was doing very well. But there was a rift at that time too between the RSS head honcho Sudarshan and Vajpayee.

The latter took all decisions independently without entertaining the Sangh and did not brook any kind of interference from them. The RSS stayed away from that election and the NDA lost.

Every time that the BJP led by a popular leader tried to become independent of the Sangh, they were cut to size.

The message is loud and clear: The RSS can do without the BJP but the BJP cannot do without the Sangh. Powerful leaders like Vajpayee and Modi are testimony to this maxim.