Cricket Heat Is Over: Still Hungama Continues

Cricket Heat Is Over: Still Hungama Continues

The T20 finals match is over, India got the Cup, people got emotional, and celebrated with happiness for a couple of hours before returning to their regular lives the next day. The natural emotions and happiness subsided by then.

But still, the BCCI seems to be pushing hard with artificial hype and commotion around it. Several TV channels are promoting the same to come and celebrate the victory of India. This is akin to how Argentina celebrated the success of their team by felicitating Messi in a big way.

Well, that was natural hype surrounding Messi, which happened organically in his home country after the success. But here with the T20 World Cup, there is no such organic emotion among the people after these many days of witnessing the finals match.

But still, the BCCI is trying to create hype around it and make it a national sensation. When the natural emotion has waned among the people, there is no meaning in doing something expecting national attention. So far, not many seem to be bothered about this new hype.