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Telangana: BRS MLAs Join Congress; BJP Gains

Telangana: BRS MLAs Join Congress; BJP Gains

The BRS despite winning 39 seats in the November-December 2023 Assembly elections is struggling to maintain its unity. 

After losing an MLA to a road accident six more BRS MLAs defected to the Congress. 

The Congress aims to absorb two thirds of BRS MLAs to legally merge the factions without it being considered defection strengthening their position against potential BRS-BJP threats to their government.

Chief Minister Revanth Reddy facing a slim majority has openly admitted BRS MLAs to bolster stability. 

The Congress’s vote share remained steady, while the BJP saw a significant rise, indicating a shift of BRS supporters to the BJP, driven by national factors and dissatisfaction with BRS’s declining influence.

BRS MLAs, however, prefer joining the Congress due to immediate benefits like fund allocation for constituencies and to protect their financial interests, especially in real estate. 

The BJP's less aggressive approach in recruiting BRS MLAs has also made Congress a more attractive option for them.